Monday, June 24, 2013

Earthbound Farm Stand Carmel California

We spent the majority of the day walking the trails at Point Lobos, but our day was far from being over.  All that walking made us hungry for a snack...and where better to get one in Carmel than Earthbound Farm Stand?  Yep, that was our next stop for the day.

Ahh...we loved this little store!  Our first order of business was the snacks.  In the back of the store, there is an organic cafe that serves delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, ice creams, and more.  We got a panini to share and the little kids each got a small cone of ice cream.  So good!

We enjoyed our little snack at the outdoor tables they provide right next to the store.  For a farm stand, it is really set up nice.  The kids enjoyed some time to run around the grassy area and climb into the "hideout" that was made by a cluster of Redwood trees.  I enjoyed the peaceful surroundings, green hillsides and pretty...and of course watching my kiddos playing.

Since we had a cooler with us that we had packed our picnic lunch in, we were able to do some shopping and stock up on veggies and sandwich fixins for the next few days.  It was SO cool to shop at this stand, in the Carmel Valley, where the whole Earthbound Farm got its start!  Do you buy organic veggies by this name in your local grocery?  We did when we lived in South Dakota (and continue to do so on the road)...I loved showing our kids where it all began!  The couple that started it sure have come a long way from their original two and a half acre raspberry farm :).

Those of us that didn't have a sweet treat while at the farm stand, chose one to go.  Go where?  The beach, of course!  It was nearing sunset and we decided to go over to the tide pools on Point Pinos to watch it.  The kids chose some vegan cookies by Alternative Baking Company (they love these and get them for special treats when they are allowed...if you've never tried them, you should!).

I chose carrot cake.  Let me just say...THE BEST carrot cake that I have ever eaten (and yes, I was too delicious (and huge!!!) to keep all to myself).

We chose a spot just across from the lighthouse...

Everyone had fun, as usual, just poking around the rocks...enjoying the beautiful scenery...hanging out together.

I love this little girl...

And this one, too :)...

Another beautiful sunset on the California coast...

An absolutely wonderful day!

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